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Rock Climbing

Todra Gorge is a rock climbers paradise, with over 400 fully bolted routes including both single and multi-pitches there really is something for everyone.  All of the climbing areas are easily accessible from the road and a local guidebook is available to purchase if you would like to explore the region alone. The rock here is Limestone and has high friction so you rarely need chalk.

Details of the routes at the gorge have been published online on the website Mountain Project, found here: .New routes are still being added regularly.

If you need equipment hire for your trip it is no problem just get in touch and we can arrange this for you.

As the climbs in this area are sport climbs, they are bolted and quick draws are required for safety. The routes are long, we would therefore suggest using an 80m rope and 15 quick draws. Twin 50m ropes can also be used to give longer repels off of multi-pitch routes. Oh and always wear a helmet! There is loose rock on the top of the gorge with goats that are herded by Nomads so there is a risk of falling rock, so be cautious at all times.

If you are not that experienced or don't have time to plan you can book a guide through us. Daniel has a wealth of experience in climbing and the local area. He is a UK qualified Rock Climbing Instructor, first aid trained and will plan the best climbs for you based on each individuals experience, whether it is your first time or are a fully experienced climber he can provide full coaching and tuition to ensure you get the most out of your time climbing here.

The best time to climb in the area is from March to May and September to November, which is when we run our activities. 

Morocco is a great destination to make the most of the rocks, be it to climb or to hike, offering all styles including Bouldering in Oukaimeden, Sport climbing in Todra Gorge, Trad Climbing in Tafraoute in the Anti-Atlas Mountains (Jebel el Kest) and even mountaineering in the Atlas Mountains (Jebel Toubkal). Due to the low level of traffic on the rocks the conditions and quality are close to perfect and with sun all year round its a perfect climbing destination.

Available daily

Top Rope & Multi-Pitch Climbing

Duration: Half day - 3 hours    

Cost: Top Rope - €70 per person or €50 per person (2 people +) 

          Multi-Pitch €90 per person or €70 per person (2 people)

Duration: Full day - 6 hours    

Cost - Top Rope: €120 per person or €90 per person (2 people +) 

           Multi-Pitch €150 per person or €110 per person (2 people) 

*All Rates are per person

*Deposit required at time of booking


        For more information, availability or to book          

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