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Morocco is such a diverse country with an array of landscapes, it is the perfect place to experience rural life and be submerged in nature and great adventures. Todra Gorge is set on the east side of the Atlas mountains and is a convenient stop between Marrakech or Fez and the Sahara. It boasts both mountain ranges and a palm tree forest (Palmerie), which act as a playground for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike offering a multitude of walks and hikes to suit all abilities.


Mountain Hikes

A short well known hike in the area is the 4 hour Nomad Loop. This iconic hike starts through the stunning Todra Gorge up to breath taking panoramic views of the local area, passing goats, donkeys and local people along the way. The loop cuts through a Nomad camp and there is the option to enjoy true Moroccan hospitality and drink tea (Berber whiskey) with a local family.  Continuing across the mountains and  down into the rural gardens where you will see ladies working their crops along the river back to Tizgui village concluding the hike.

A step up from the 4 hour loop is the 1 day ridge hike, definitely one not to be missed. This gives you the opportunity to see the breath taking views of the High Atlas mountains, walk an exposed ridge with the Gorge on one side and the town of Tinghir on the other and pass a naturally formed stone arch. This 1 day adventure will give you memories you will never forget, so make sure to bring your camera.

If you are looking for an experience like no other the Gorge to Gorge 2 day hike will give you just that. Starting at Todra Gorge and hiking across the mountains to reach the Dades Gorge with the inclusion of staying overnight, eating dinner and enjoying the night sky with a traditional Nomad family it is an experience of a lifetime that very few get to enjoy. You will experience what mountain life is all about, whilst also having a real adventure and getting the opportunity to experience 2 of Morocco's stunning Gorges.

Palmerie Walks

If you would like something more relaxed you can meander at your own pace through part of the palm tree forest either individually or with us. Here you you will get the chance to see locals cultivating their land and discover what seasonal produce is grown in the region. Hopefully you will also get to try the fresh produce in one of the local auberges or restaurants. Dates, almonds, apricots, figs and pomegranates are to name but a few. If you have more time you can also walk all the way from Todra Gorge to Tinghir the nearest town 13km away.

Guided Hike Prices (per person)

Nomad Loop (approximately 4 hours)

1-4 people  €60

5-8 people  €120

9-12 people €160

Palmerie Walk (approximately 4 hours)

1-4 people  €60

5-8 people  €120

9-12 people €160

Todra to Tinghir Walk (13km through the Palmerie including transport back to start can also be done in reverse)

1-4 people  €70

5-8 people  €140

9-12 people €190

1 day Ridge Hike (approximately 8 hours)

1-4 people  €100

5-8 people  €160

9-12 people €240

2 day Todra Gorge to Dades Gorge Hike

(includes guide, camping, food and transport back to starting point if needed) 

Minimum of 2 people, maximum 6

1-2 people €300 per person

3-6 people €250 per person  


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