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Max Bares All.... How Yoga benefits Climbers

I initialy started Yoga to help me manage my stress and feel better in my body after years of binge drinking in college. Little did I know that Yoga would also greatly benefit my climbing skills. Sure Yoga develops flexibility and balance, but it's not any flexibility. It's that whole body flexibility you need, when twisting yourself in weird positions in order to clip that next bolt you totaly misread. Because Yoga is all about breathing, you go further into stretching. You develop the ability to remain calm even during the most awkward asanas, thus developing your body awareness. When I start freaking out on the wall, I now come back to my body sensations and try to relax just as I would during a Yoga class. This greatly increased my endurance since climbing is all about saving your energy. Yoga isn't just about the Asanas, it's also a spiritual practice. It taught me to accept any bad mood or body condition I go at the crag with, and still make the best out of it. Everything is at it should be. That kind of thinking takes off all the performance pressure! This reminds me I should visit my Yoga mat! Maybe later...

Written by Max Lafitte from France, photo credit Remi Grelet.

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